boys sitting on their beds

Why Boarding?

As parents we all worry about our work-life balance and perceived lack of ‘quality time’ with our children. Boarding at Beachborough can help give parents and children the best of both worlds. Here are some of the reasons our parents have told us about why boarding at Beachborough works for their family:

  • Quality family time
    Boarding removes the pressure of juggling my children’s different activities and Prep each evening, enabling the time we spend as a family at home to become real quality time.
  • Children of different ages
    With children of different ages, I prefer for my eldest child to board so I don’t have to take my 5-year-old out again for the 6.45pm pickup – especially in the winter!
  • Value for money
    As the boarding fee includes laundry, supper, breakfast and boarding activities and with my cost of fuel as we live 30 minutes from school I find it great value for my son to board several nights each week.
  • No daily commute
    Our work commitments can make it difficult getting our children to and from school each day so we find it easier for our children to stay at Beachborough for a sleepover at school to enjoy the fun boarding activities instead – especially if we have a particularly early morning start!