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This morning, we were lucky enough to welcome Lydia, Emma, and Joli, the lovely 'goldador' puppy, to Beachborough!

We are launching a new charity initiative, to support @dogsforgood_uk, and become a puppy partner. So, this morning, Emma and Lydia delivered an insightful assembly... to the children, to explain what makes Dogs for Good so special.

A trained dog supports children and adults, who find everyday life challenging, particularly those suffering with dementia, autism, or a physical disability. Dogs can be trained to open doors, call a lift, pick up shopping, help people get dressed, bark when extra help is needed, add pressure (cuddle) when someone needs reassurance, and much more; the partnership makes everyday life possible.

We are incredibly excited to support this wonderful charity, with an aim of raising £5,000 and getting the opportunity to name our own puppy! 🐾

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Are you looking for an exciting new role?

We're seeking to appoint an Assistant Houseparent, to join us from September 2024. This role also includes responsibilities for planning and organising a variety of co-curricular clubs.

If you would like to join a friendly and ...energetic school environment, please head to the link in our bio to apply now!

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We are excited to welcome @luke_shears to Beachborough, on Monday 29th April 2024, for a 'Box & Board' night! 🥊

The session will include the fundamentals of boxing and team-based games, and also incorporate boxing-themed workouts. We are encouraging children from ...FIII-FVIII (both regular and non-regular boarders), to join Luke for a fun-filled evening!

Boxing sessions are known to improve self-confidence and hand-eye coordination, alongside improving physical fitness and agility. You won't want to miss it!

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This morning, we opened the doors for the summer term! 🌞

After a three-week Easter break, both children and staff have spent time catching up with one another, and sharing fond memories from the recent holiday.

Everyone is well-rested and raring to go, and we cannot wait to ...see what the final term will bring!

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The countdown is on!

This week, on Saturday 20th April 2024, the Beachborough Eventers Challenge will be taking place at @dbpoloclub. We are very much looking forward to welcoming our competitors for a fun-filled day!

We extend our thanks to @stedwardsoxford, for generously ...sponsoring Class 4.

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During the Easter break, a group of 53 children and 7 members of staff spent a week in the mountains, in Sestriere, Italy.

Luckily, they were blessed with glorious sunshine on day 1, and the morning consisted of an assessment in Ski School, to gauge the children's skiing ability. ...Once groups were determined, they took to the slopes and put their skills to the test. Alongside plenty of exhilarating skiing throughout the week, the children also had fun sledging and visited the local town to do a spot of shopping.

The delicious Italian food was a highlight for the children; they indulged in pizza, pasta, crepes, and an obligatory hot chocolate, to warm up after a long day on the mountain.

Upon their return, Mrs Mitchell received an email from the resort, to express how impressed they were with the children's behaviour; they represented the school impeccably well and we are so proud of how they conducted themselves.

Thank you to our fantastic team of staff for organising the trip so brilliantly, and for accompanying the children. Memories were certainly made to last a lifetime in Sestriere! ⛷️

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Our third and final core subject to hone in on, is Maths! Maths isn't just a subject we learn in school, it's a vital part of our daily lives; from cooking and measuring ingredients, to calculating discounts and budgeting, it is everywhere. That is why our Manor House children are ...timetabled to 3.5 hours per week.

In FV, children focus on topics such as Number and Place Value, Multiplication and Division, Properties of Shape, and Data Handling. It is also highly beneficial for them to have weekly times tables, and mental maths tests. Our FVI children are introduced to BIDMAS, and continue to make progress with fractions, angles, decimals, and interpreting a variety of charts; algebra also comes into play during the summer term.

In FVII, classes will focus on subject matters, ranging from Rules of Indices and Square Roots, to Rotational Symmetry and Conversion Graphs. They also ensure that mental maths strategies are discussed and put into practice. Our final year group, FVIII, regularly complete past CE and Scholarship papers. They will revisit all topics, which then leads to individual teaching and consolidation of mathematical concepts.

We are preparing our Beachburians for their future careers; from data analysis to engineering, and finance to technology, maths is the foundation for success in many fields!

To discover more about the curriculum we offer at Beachborough, please head to our website, via the link in our bio.

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We are shining the spotlight on another of our 'sporting heroes', Henry Pollock. Henry joined Beachborough School in 2008, and after discovering a love for rugby at an early age, he could always be found with a rugby ball in hand every break time.

Henry was a key member of the ...victorious team, at the Sibford Sevens U12 Festival in 2017, before going on to play for the U13A side, during his final year. His prowess didn't go unnoticed, when he was quickly snapped up by Northampton Saints Academy, at just 13 years old. Henry's rugby career has gone from strength-to-strength, and in recent years, has found himself captaining England Under-18s to the Academy League final, and became Saints' youngest ever try scorer.

So far, this year has been replete with success for Henry, following the arrival of the 2024 U20s Six Nations. He secured a hat-trick in England's opening game against Italy, and was awarded 'Man of the Match' back-to-back, potentially making him 'England's next breakthrough star'. Later this year, we will have the pleasure of seeing Henry representing England once again, at the World Rugby U20 Championship in South Africa.

Could you be the next 'sporting hero' of Beachborough? To discover more about our sports offering, please visit our website, via the link in our bio!

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Next week, on Saturday 20th April, the Beachborough Eventers Challenge will be taking place!

We are excited to welcome our competitors to Dallas Burston Polo Club, with the aim of jumping a clear round within an optimum time.

Thank you to our generous sponsor @tudorhallschool, ...for sponsoring our Intermediate Class 3!

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