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Our Wellbeing program is an essential part of our curriculum with one period a week (from PP1 upwards) devoted to the children’s emotional and psychological health. The programme focuses on cultivating characteristics, attitudes and actions that promote Wellbeing.

Children are taught techniques and skills that they can employ to recognise and appraise situations they are likely to encounter; from advice on getting to sleep, to more complex cognitive methods for dealing with adversity in today’s increasingly demanding world. The lessons encourage mindfulness and calm, giving children the chance to reflect on and talk about any issues or problems they may have. Regular lectures on a variety of topics are delivered by inspiring speakers to help our pupils reflect on the potential for making the most of their lives.

Right in the centre of the school is the Quad, a peaceful space where Forms VII and VIII children can go for quiet reflection and a moment of calm in the busy school day. We have also created a Wellbeing Room and Wellbeing Garden that is available to small groups of children, a relaxing place where pupils can go to have some quiet time.

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