3 children holding sticks and wearing blue boilersuits


Our Nursery and Kindergarten are in two adjoining rooms, sometimes everyone is all together playing, at other times we split into Nursery and Kindergarten groups, so we can enjoy different activities. Children can join us from 2½ onwards, moving through to Kindergarten the year they turn 4.

All of the children love playing in the playground outside the Nursery and Kindergarten rooms. This space is secure and monitored, but it looks out onto the front lawn so they can chat to the older children as they walk past and feel part of the wider school. They also have their own little garden with a living willow den, raised beds for growing vegetables and a play kitchen where mud pies are always on the menu! All the Nursery and Kindergarten children regularly visit our Forest School, to help them to develop their fine and gross motor skills and open their minds to the wonders of the natural world.