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Character, Ethics & Leadership Programme

The Character, Ethics and Leadership Programme is an exciting new initiative which aims to develop our older learners in preparing them for their senior school experience and, aims for every child that leaves the school at age 13 to have a good sense of self-awareness, a sound moral compass and the necessary skills and knowledge to take on the challenges of the future.

The character, ethics and leadership programme helps children to ‘be the best version of themselves in all that they do’, and to instil an infectious passion for life and learning.

At Beachborough we are passionate about developing the whole child, to not only equip our children with the academic skills to succeed in adult life but to ensure that they are grounded in strong values and can grow to become active and positive citizens. We acknowledge that each child is unique – growing and learning in a multitude of ways and through our CEL lessons, or ‘Curriculum For Life,’ we explore Leadership and Character. We give them the opportunity to put these lessons into action with opportunities ranging from delivering presentations, attending residential trips, volunteering, taking on leadership roles, and skills building. We have seen children grow in confidence, co-operation, courage and compassion; this has had a direct impact on them having ownership of their learning, character and wellbeing.

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