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Charity & Outreach

Charity work at Beachborough is an integral part of life at Beachborough School and our community is committed to fundraising. We are top fundraisers and proud to support a variety of different charities, locally, nationally and internationally. Each year, we continue to think of creative ways to support local, national and international communities. We raise tens of thousands of pounds, annually, so that we can support different charities which help others in urgent need. We believe that it is essential that our pupils grow up understanding how important it is to support others; we teach them to reach out to others in need. Charity work becomes part of their everyday lives. At Beachborough, we create good citizens who understand the importance, and have the lifelong skills and desire to help others in need.

Throughout the year, we organise many different events. The whole school is involved – from the tiniest tots in our Nursery to our teenagers in Form Vlll. We collect sponsorship, sell raffle tickets, bake cakes, dress-up, clean bedrooms, sing carols, sell seeds, wash cars, design hats, splash at pool parties, dance at discos, sell pre-loved items, donate food, abseil, eat porridge, take part in sports events, camp-out and even donate birthday money.

One of our most important and enduring charitable relationships is with the charity Mary’s Meals – an organisation founded on the simple, yet vital, principle of providing the poorest children in the world with a meal at school, every day. Over the last eight years, the Beachborough community has raised over £70,000 for Mary’s Meals. We raise more money per pupil than any other school in the United Kingdom. Beachborough has a relationship with Nthola Primary School in northern Malawi, who we support by raising enough funds to pay for every child on the school roll, to receive one mug of vitamin enriched porridge, daily, for a whole year. Sponsoring a school is an amazing gift. We are giving some of the poorest children in the world, hope for a brighter future.

Our fundraising at Beachborough is extraordinary due to the good will of our pupils, parents, staff and former Beachborough alumni who continue to respond generously to each and every fundraising event. Raising money at Beachborough unleashes our children’s creativity and encourages them to be enterprising as well as helping them to become kind, responsible citizens. The charity work that we do, demands that we use all seven of our intellectual characteristics; Empathy, Originality; Curiosity, Reflection, Challenge, Collaboration and Perseverance and, Resilience. It broadens our minds and makes us part of the wider world.

Here at Beachborough, we are committed to making a difference and changing lives for the better for those that need our help – but most of all – our charity work is great fun!

“Conemur Tenues Grandia” – Though we are small, let us try for great things.

Our most recent charities include;

Mary’s Meals
The Royal British Legion
Young Minds
The Brackley Food Bank
Children In Need
Operation Christmas Child
Sign 2 Sing
Yellow Wellies
Brain Tumour Research
Lumos Ukraine Appeal
Restless Development
Children’s Air Ambulance
St Mary Magdalen Church, Oxford and St Augustine’s Church, Westbury

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