Beachborough offers a first-class boarding experience for girls and boys aged 7-13.

We offer a number of boarding options to suit every child, family, and budget – whether that’s a flexible boarding arrangement to allow children to ‘sleep over’ with friends a few nights per week or weekly boarding, you can find the right boarding arrangements for your own family circumstances and your child.

Kites New Houseparents

Nick and I are thrilled to be taking over the exciting role of Beachborough’s Houseparents. The boarding rooms have been given a fantastic make-over this summer, to ensure that your child feels like they are coming home at the end of each day rather than simply moving to another part of school. We are looking forward to creating a warm and friendly environment, to help your child develop their own independence and build strong friendships outside of the classroom.

I have been both a parent and teacher at Prep and Senior Boarding Schools and I hope this unique experience will be of great assistance to your child as they reach new milestones in their education and development. I look foward to continuing my role as Head of Computing along with Year Group Co-ordinator for Form VIII.

Nick is new to Beachborough and is excited at the prospect of taking on the role of Houseparent and working in the Games Department. He is particularly looking forward to the vast array of activities planned and strongly believes in encouraging children to “have a go”.

If your child wishes to start boarding, we would be delighted to arrange for them to have a trial night. This gives children the opportunity to take part in an evening activity and to sample boarding life. You can then choose which night they’d like to regularly board each week.

If there is space, we can offer occasional nights for children to board if you require short notice child care. This may be of particular interest if your business commitments involve overnight travel away from home.

We hope our Parents’ Boarding Guide will answer many of your questions, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss anything in more detail.

Click here to view our Parents’ Guide to Boarding Booklet>>

We look forward to welcoming you and your family to Kites.

Nick and Susi Blithe

Housemaster: Mr Nick –
Housemistress: Mrs Susi Blithe
Matron: Miss Caroline Smith –