a child upside down in a tree as another student looks on

Growth Mindset

At Beachborough we are interested in children’s mindset and how we can create motivated learners who embrace a challenge, learn from setbacks and know that they can grow their intelligence.

Based on the work and research of Dr Carol Dweck, it is our intention that, as well as ensuring our children approach their work with an effective mindset, we enable them to embrace skills which will prepare children for lifelong learning.

Our recognition system, which is linked to the Club (House) system is based on these 7 Characteristics:

To achieve recognition, the children will…….
Challenge Enjoy and seek out challenging and difficult work. Have a belief that they will learn and improve with effort. Be open-minded and flexible to change. Take an ambitious approach to school life.
Empathy Show empathy an care in both a classroom and playground environment.
Perseverance and Resilience Be persistent and not give up when faced with things that are difficult. Try different approaches to find what works. Ask for help when needed. See that there is no failure, only feedback and that this feedback will help them to improve and grow their intelligence. Be keen to learn strategies to help them improve, deal with change and accept feedback positively.
Originality Be imaginative and come up with original ideas. They are adaptable and will think of alternative suggestions to problems.
Curiosity Ask lots of questions and be keen to find out the answers to problems. Enjoy discovering and exploring new things.
Collaboration Work well in a team or with a partner, sharing ideas and compromising when needed. They are supportive of others and, are a good listener.
Reflection Make plans and follow them, thinking carefully about the next steps. Be organised, prepared and analytical. Make links between ideas and spots similarities and relationships. Able to apply their learning to different settings.

As Beachborough children develop these intellectual characteristics, their path is tracked by tutors and support and advice is given to children to look closely at which characteristics are more challenging for them to achieve. This ongoing process is intended to develop skills that will prepare children as they move on from Beachborough to ensure they reach their own goals, whatever they may be.

For further information please download our Parents’ Guide to Mindset which can be found below.