Students weighing out ingredients

Independent Schools Inspection Report

Beachborough School is regularly inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI).

We are thrilled and delighted that our most recent inspection, which took place in November 2018 gave the school the highest possible rating of:


There are many quotes in the full report that we are particularly proud of, they include:

  • “Pupils’ attainment and progress are excellent; a significant proportion of pupils succeed in obtaining scholarships to their first choice of senior school”
  • “Pupils’ attitudes towards learning and collaboration with each other are outstanding”.
  • “Pupils self-understanding is outstanding. They value highly the opportunity to assess, review and reflect upon their learning”.
  • “Pupils’ communication skills are outstanding. Pupils’ speech is articulate, confident and features extensive vocabulary. Pupils are attentive listeners and highly articulate and effective communicators”.
  • “Pupils demonstrate a notably strong understanding of how to stay safe and live a balanced lifestyle”.
  • “Pupils are highly collaborative and reflective in their learning”.
  • “Pupils’ show notably strong self-understanding and awareness which lead to them being confident and aspirational”.
  • “Pupils have an excellent understanding of acceptable behaviours, they understand the importance of respect and take responsibility for their own actions”.
  • “Pupils demonstrate excellent ICT knowledge and skills”.