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Parents are warmly invited to attend numerous events throughout the term. Please view full details in the weekly newsletter each Friday.

Mon 26 November

*LAMDA Showcase in The Whybrow: 4.30pm: Pre-Prep 1 - Form IV

6pm: Forms V - VIII


Tue 27 November

*6pm – 7pm Concert for pupils of Mrs Lear & Mrs Pearce in The Whybrow


Tue 4 December

*2.30pm – 4.30pm The Beachborough Run


Thur 6 December

*10am – 11.30am Toddlers & Tiddlers Playgroup

*6pm Form VIII production of Much Ado About Nothing in The Whybrow


Mon 10


*6pm – 7pm Forms III, V & VII Francis Drake Awards Ceremony in The Whybrow


Tue 11 December

*5pm – 7pm Form VIII Parents’ Evening in The Boardman Foyer


Thur 13 December

*2.30pm Pre-Prep Christmas Play in The Whybrow

2.30pm – 3.30pm Carol Singing for Forms III & IV in aid of Mary’s Meals at Westbury Village Hall


Fri 14 December

*2.30pm Pre-Prep Christmas Play in The Whybrow


Tue 18 December

*8am – 8.30am Staff Christmas Carol Singing

Wed 19 December

*10.30am Nursery, Kindergarten & Reception Nativity in St Augustine’s Church, Westbury

*Carol services at St Augustine’s Church, Westbury, followed by the End of Term