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Term Dates

Term Dates

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Below you can find the term dates for the academic year at Beachborough School. 

If you have any questions about any of the dates provided, please feel free to contact us


  • Summer Term 2018
    Term begins: Monday 16th April
    May Bank holiday on Monday 7th May
    Half term: Friday 25th May (normal finish) to Monday 4th June (8.00am start)
    Term Ends: Friday 6th July (Pre-Prep) or Saturday 7th July (Prep)


  • Autumn Term 2018 (provisional)
    Term begins: Wednesday 5th September
    Half term: Thursday 18th October (normal finish) to Tuesday 30th October (8.00am start)
    Term Ends: Wednesday 19th December
  • Spring Term 2019 (provisional)
    Term begins: Wednesday 9th January
    Half term: Friday 15th February (normal finish) to Monday 25th February (8.00am start)
    Term Ends: Friday 5th April
  • Summer Term 2019 (provisional)
    Term begins: Tuesday 30th April
    May Bank Holiday on Monday 6th May
    Half term: Friday 24th May (normal finish) to Monday 3rd June (8.00am start)
    Term Ends: Friday 5th July (Pre-Prep) or Saturday 6th July (Prep)