What is included?

Beachborough works hard to ensure fees represent good value for the outstanding all round education we provide. We care about being as transparent as possible and for this reason include everything, apart from optional music lessons and some co-curricular activities from outside providers, in our fees. For example, although the Reception day is from 9am until 3.30pm, flexible wrap around care (including tea) is offered at no extra cost from 8am to 6pm, making this excellent value.

From Reception to Form VIII we proudly include all the following in our fees:

  • Wrap Around Care
  • Lunch and Evening Tea
  • Learning Support
  • In-Class Support
  • Curriculum School Trips
  • Curriculum Workshops

The fees also cover sundries such as the school magazine, plays, team fares, entertainment in school, termly calendars.

Optional Extras

There are some small costs for certain voluntary co-curricular activities.

  • Individual Music Lessons                 £22.50 per lesson
  • Shared Music Lessons                       £11.25 per lesson
  • Hire of School Instrument               £20.00 per term

Details of our extensive co-curricular activities, including costs, are circulated to parents before the start of each term.


Nursery and Kindergarten (aged 2 – 4 years)

As a registered charity Beachborough is committed to promoting social mobility where possible and currently offer 15 ‘free’ hours of childcare in Nursery and Kindergarten. However, on par with all the other day nurseries, we offer meals and any extra hours  at a chargeable rate.

For full details please click on the following link

Sessions per week Cost per term Sessions per week Cost per term
1 £293 6 £1,758
2 £586 7 £2,051
3 £879 8 £2,344
4 £1,172 9 £2,637
5 £1,465 10 £2,930


Pre-Prep School (aged 4 – 7 years)    

Reception, Pre-Prep 1 & 2 £3,480 per term


Prep School (aged 7 – 13 years)  

Forms III & IV                                                         £5,012 per term
Forms V – VIII                                                         £5,465 per term


Flexible Boarding

More than 1 night booked per week                       £28 per night
1 night booked per week                                             £30 per night


Sibling Discount

Sibling discounts are available to families who have 3 or more children being educated at Beachborough concurrently from Reception upwards.  A 10% discount will be applied to the school fees of the eldest child, whilst all children remain at Beachborough.


Tuition Fees and Insurances

Tuition fees and insurances are charged in advance, extras are charged in arrears. Accounts are presented at the end of each term and settlement is required by the first day of the following term. Please click on the link below for details of the Pupil Accident Insurance .

If you have any questions concerning fees please do not hesitate to contact the bursary by calling 01280 709444 or via email to alr@beachborough.com