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Why Beachborough?

Why Beachborough?

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Education at Beachborough is built around the idea that ability and intelligence can be developed and increased through teaching and a positive, ‘can do’ attitude. Children are encouraged to embrace and learn from their mistakes, and see them as part of the wider process of improvement through effort and determination. In this way, failure is a useful and necessary part of progress, rather than something that limits and discourages.

As teachers, we achieve this by praising effort and determination, opening up the potential for success to everyone in the class and prioritising perseverance over talent. This creates a positive, lively atmosphere in which children flourish and a strong framework for the outstanding teaching we are known for.

This is based on the educational philosophy of Growth Mindset. It is woven into every aspect of school life through our ‘hidden curriculum’ – a system of seven intellectual characteristics: curiosity, originality, empathy, challenge, perseverance and resilience, collaboration and reflection. These characteristics are encouraged, celebrated and rewarded through our credit system – pupils can earn points for demonstrating them in any aspect of their school life, inside and outside the classroom. They are our guiding principles, imbuing every part of life at Beachborough, and helping the children to develop the skills and traits they need to thrive in the modern world.

We celebrate individuality through our broad, inclusive curriculum which gives children the chance to try a huge range of activities, subjects and experiences.

This sparks their curiosity and develops their talents so that they are happy, successful and confident – and ready for senior school when the time comes. We offer a range of different sports with expert teaching that caters to every level – from supporting our most talented pupils with external partnerships to providing everyone with the chance to represent the school in matches. Drama and Art are an important weekly part of our curriculum throughout the school, complemented by a full program of performances, competitions, clubs and activities.

In the last few years, we have invested in an extensive programme of building new facilities and modernising existing ones, so that the environment at Beachborough delivers the best possible education for our pupils. Recent projects include a sports hall, Performing Arts Centre, Wetlands area, Boardman library and most recently and exciting of all, our brand-new TED (Technology Engineering and Design) suite.

While we are all together on one site, the school is divided into Nursery and Kindergarten for ages 2½-4, Pre-Prep for ages 5-7 (Reception, PP1, PP2) and the Prep School for ages 8-13 (Forms III-VIII). The Nursery to Form IV classrooms are all based in the Boardman Building, which is cleverly divided so that Nursery & Kindergarten and Reception are in one half, with PP1 to Form IV on the other side. The Nursery to Pre-Prep 1 classrooms has their own external space and small playgrounds so that the little ones can enjoy playing and learning outside as much as possible. Forms V-VIII are taught in specialist classrooms throughout the Manor House, giving our older children the independence of moving from lesson to lesson in readiness for senior school when the time comes.

We encourage strong partnerships with our parents. There is no Saturday school at Beachborough because we want our children to have time to spend with their families, enjoy their hobbies and relax after a busy week at school so that they are raring to go again on Monday morning. There are plenty of triathlons, equestrian competitions and other events organised by Beachborough families to get involved with at the weekends - all part of the close relationship between the school, our pupils and their families, something that is cemented by the Beachborough Association of volunteer parents.

Beachborough works hard to ensure fees represent good value for the outstanding all-round education we provide. We care about being as transparent as possible and for this reason, include everything from Learning Support to most Curriculum School Trips and Workshops in our fees, apart from optional music lessons and some co-curricular activities. The free morning and after school care including tea, that we offer children from Reception to Form VIII, helps make our parents’day a little less stressful, knowing that their child is cared for in the school environment with familiar staff.  We currently offer 15 ‘free’ hours of childcare in Nursery and Kindergarten; however, on par with all the other day nurseries, there is a chargeable rate for meals and any extra hours. As our older children reach Forms V-VIII this also includes supervised prep and evening activities. We offer a flexible boarding provision to not only benefit children’s personal development but to also meet the needs of our busy professional parents during the week.

At Beachborough we constantly strive to create a positive, friendly atmosphere where every child can thrive and reach their full potential – socially, intellectually, physically and emotionally.

Our Values

  • We believe in a creative, innovative curriculum that is exciting, rigorous and academic.
  • We take account of different learning styles when planning and we value a balance between the acquisition of knowledge and effective use of language, communication and presentation.
  • To ensure equal opportunity, differentiation occurs throughout the curriculum and Beachborough’s Able Children Programme offers enrichment opportunity for gifted and talented pupils.
  • We believe in the importance of family and we want Beachborough to have a family feel with a culture of kindness. Furthermore, we want to nurture a strong partnership with parents and together we will watch pupils thrive.
  • We want our pupils to recognise and value the importance of our unique Code of Conduct, seeing it as a template for a Christian life, that will serve them (and pupils from other faiths) now and into their future.
  • All pupils are encouraged to value, enjoy and develop their skills in the creative and performing arts.
  • All pupils are encouraged to enjoy physical exercise, competition and sportsmanship which will develop appropriate sporting skills for a healthy life.
  • All pupils are encouraged to participate widely, have no fear of making mistakes and look to step out of their comfort zone.
  • We believe that our pupils should be caring members of society; as such we encourage pupils to help others who are less fortunate than themselves and to contribute to caring for the environment.
  • We believe that as a day school with flexible boarding provision the experience of one night, one week or longer can develop a wide range of transferable skills which will enable pupils to develop their individuality.
  • We believe in the unique character of Beachborough.