Moving on from Beachborough


Your child spends many formative years of their life at Beachborough. Here, attitudes towards studying, responsibility, confidence and leadership are shaped. These are attributes that we foster continually and unequivocally; a characteristic often remarked upon by their future Senior Schools.

And what about life after Beachborough? We are not a hot house but nor are we the antithesis of this. Although parents rejoice when their children win scholarships, it is our ability to successfully match a child to a Senior School which our parents really value. We are not a major feeder to any one school. Rather, our experience and knowledge of over 30 Senior Schools, combined with an understanding of each child’s academic potential, personality and capacity for self-belief, allow us to place individuals in the right school where they will continue to thrive.

We have compiled a booklet to help you in the process of choosing the right senior school for your child after Beachborough. Click here to view Headmaster’s Guide to Senior Schools >>