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Exciting development announced for Sport at Beachborough School

Posted: 24th October 2023

On Wednesday 18th October 2023, Head of Girls Games, Miss Howkins announced an exciting new development for girls’ sports here at Beachborough School in Brackley.

Forms III, IV, V and VI in our prep school will be lucky enough to receive coaching throughout their Friday games lessons from Hockey Specialists at Bloxham School. The sessions are a great opportunity for the girls to showcase their skills and potential and, for them to meet teachers from this local independent senior school.

Miss Howkins said of the initiative; “We are so excited to welcome Connor Roberts (Head of Hockey) from Bloxham School to Beachborough. It is fantastic that our children get the opportunity to meet and be coached by teachers from schools that they could potentially move to for the next phase of their school career. Our girls are working so hard to develop their hockey and this is the perfect opportunity to be observed and noticed by external hockey specialists as well as receive personal coaching tips. It also gives Bloxham the opportunity to see what a special place Beachborough is, get to know our children and, to start building important relationships.”

Form VI pupil, Emily said; “I have really enjoyed the specialist lessons from Miss Hynes and Mr Roberts. I have already improved my skills by learning how to scoop and repeatedly bounce the ball with my hockey stick. I have also enjoyed practising how to stop the ball effectively and reverse my stick. I am looking forward to learning more from the coaches and developing my hockey skills and I think the sessions will prepare me better for my matches.”

Sport at Beachborough is designed to maximise participation and inclusivity so that all pupils benefit, regardless of their level of ability and interest. Children in Nursery, Kindergarten and Reception enjoy a variety of sports and gymnastics with specialist teachers whilst in the Prep School, competitive sport starts in Form III when every child has the chance to play in regular matches against other prep schools. The children learn how to work together as part of a team, how to represent their school and, how to win and lose with good grace and humility.

Emily said, “I enjoy the matches that we play against other schools and particularly the IAPS matches where we get to visit other schools and take part in lots of competitive matches.”

Hockey is a major sport for Beachborough in the Autumn Term and members of our top teams get the opportunity to stretch themselves by playing at regional and national levels through competitions organised by IAPS and, in county and district events, so that the children are able to fulfil their sporting potential.

At Beachborough School we recognise and celebrate pupils sporting achievements in several ways each week, with the teachers choosing a ‘player of the match’ after every fixture, awarded to an individual who has made a special contribution to the game, as well as announcements of such sporting achievements of pupils both in and out of school, in our weekly newsletter.

If you would like to find out more about sport at Beachborough, head to the Admissions pages of our website or contact the Admissions Team on to book your tour of the school.

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