Prep Pastoral Care

Prep pastoral

Pastoral care lies at the heart of Beachborough and is woven into everything we do.  Our joyful atmosphere conceals a well-structured system that touches all areas of school life. Friends are an important part of life at Beachborough. We do all we can to encourage this process:  a well-designed Buddy System helps children joining the Prep-School and address books, individual termly planners (the Blue Planner) and class reps ensure that pupils and parents are guided and informed.


For Form V upwards pastoral support is provided through our Tutor system under the direction of a Year Group Co-Ordinator and the Deputy Head (Pastoral). Each pupil has a Tutor who will be responsible for a group of less than eight children. Tutor groups provide a vital extra dimension to the pastoral support and development of a child, and a point of communication for parents.

House Clubs

Children at Beachborough are taught how to become an essential part of the community whilst not losing their individuality; how to blend communal spirit with personal best. This blend is epitomized within the schools well-regarded club system.

All children in Form III and above are members of one of four clubs – Boardman Club (green),  Carder Club (yellow),  Chappell Club (blue) and Sprawson Club (red). Each club has a strong identity, promotes a sense of kinship amongst pupils regardless of age and loyalty abounds.

There are many Club activities and competitions during the year, from history to hockey, which are keenly fought as children earn points for their club. Keep an eye on the information in the Blue Planner and letters in Reading Folders.

During lessons children can also earn credits for work of a high standard or excellent effort and exemplary conduct. These are totalled and an average per pupil per Club is announced weekly, giving us our top Club of the week culminating in their flag flying and a much coveted winning club ghab on Monday.

Credits are displayed, along with the Effort Grades, on boards in the Manor House, by the Staff room.