Prep Co-Curricular Activities

Prep co-curricular

Our extensive co-curricular programme at Beachborough is all about passion. When formal classes are over, the children enjoy a vast array of activities; from Equestrian and Triathlon Clubs to School Of Rock and Raspberry Pie Computer Programming Clubs, the list is long and varied. All children develop a healthy balance in their life when real importance is attached to their time outside the classroom. Many children reap the rewards of competing in these activities at county and regional level.

The co-curricular activity programme runs from 5.05pm to 5.45pm for Forms III & IV and 5.45pm to 6.45pm for Form V and above. Details of all the activities available in each term’s co-curricular programme are sent to parents at the end of term before.

Beachborough staff also offer activities during lunch breaks; Cross Country, Gardening, Hockey, Choir, Christian Union, Netball Shooting and Debating.

Ballet, Gymnastics, Karate, Table Tennis, Tennis and Judo are all offered by outside providers at Beachborough. For further information please click on the links below:



As well as the expansive weekly programme, Beachborough offers many opportunities for enrichment outside the school; from visiting artists, to drama workshops, to visiting wild animals, to trips to places like Natural History Museum which are relevant to their curriculum. The opportunities are bountiful and as they encapsulate the breadth of education to which we aspire they are included in the fees.