Form IV (Age 8-9)

Form IV to build on the foundations laid in Form III and to further develop their independence in preparation for when they move on to Form V. The children continue to be streamed into three sets for Maths and three sets for English to allow the pace and content of each lesson to best match their ability. There is always the opportunity for movement as children develop at different rates. Science, French, History, Geography, Religious Studies, Technology, Art, Music, Drama, ICT and Games are taught by either the Form Teachers or Specialist Staff.

Pupils are encouraged to think for themselves and to show greater responsibility through following their timetable over the course of the day and in looking after their personal equipment. They are also expected to show responsibility towards others through their actions and act as role models for the Pre-Prep children.

All the children relish the opportunity to experience the 3 day residential trip to PGL Liddington Outdoor Activity Centre in Wiltshire for the second year. The increase in self-confidence, independence and “can do” approach is very apparent from last year’s trip and is transferred over into the classroom.

The highlight of Form IV are the privileges they enjoy of being top of the Boardman. These include the leading roles in the main summer term play and sought after responsibilities such as librarian.


The children in Forms IV will be expected to read four times a week and they will receive weekly spellings and tables to learn for tests, along with English and Maths worksheets.  All of which reinforce the work that has been undertaken in the classroom during that week. Children may also be encouraged to discuss a topic chosen by school, for 10 minutes with their parents, to broaden their base knowledge of subjects as well as their ability to examine subject matter through the important skill of talking. To encourage children’s independent thought and to allow them to produce work in a way that suits their learning style, children in Form IV are given two weeks to complete a Learning Log on a variety of themes.