Prep Academic

Prep academic

The main focus of the curriculum is to build firm academic foundations and encourage a love of learning. We aim to fulfil the potential of each child and we provide a broad, balanced and relevant education. We prepare our pupils for Common Entrance or Scholarship examinations to all the main public schools and also for entry to schools that fall outside this sphere.

We realise high academic expectations with a well-structured system of proven learning techniques. Throughout the school all classes are kept small, up to a maximum of 18 children. First class teaching from dedicated, motivated and well-qualified staff enables pupils to develop at the correct pace.

Gifted and Talented

Our Gifted and Talented program identifies and fosters intelligence amongst the brightest pupils in each subject and gives them scope to be further challenged. Experience has taught us that children who are stretched, rather than pushed, develop positive attitudes and habits that will carry them through life.

Learning Support

For pupils who need extra help with the academic curriculum, our highly qualified, full time Learning Support staff provide integrated support; both in the classroom and within our multisensory Learning Support rooms.  No extra fees are charged; rather it is seen as part of our commitment to educating your child.


Parents receive detailed reports in December and July and there are several parent’s evenings to discuss your child’s progress throughout the year. Weekly effort grades are given and posted in the main corridor of the Manor House.

As always at Beachborough, please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any worries or if you wish to discuss your child’s progress. Contact can also be made via homework books, letter or email.