Leadership Programme

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Leadership Programme

Combined with our traditional values of honesty and kindness is a steely determination to play hard and play fair.  Our Leadership Programme isn’t relegated to a yearly away day but carefully crafted into everyday life at the school: Prefects, Heads of School, Sports Captains and School Council members, to list just a few important roles, are all opportunities for leadership. It is important for pupils to learn, in a world of texts and tweets, how to enter into effective dialogue.

Of equal importance is what  they learn from each other and by reflecting upon their own conduct. The weekly church service is part of the communal life of the school. Here is where sports teams are read out by captains. Captains chosen by rotation, not by sporting prowess, so each child has the opportunity to command and inspire their team.

Every two years all the children compete in an extravagant team exercise called the Beachborough Challenge, origins of which lie somewhere between a corporate manual for team-building and Total Wipeout!


All Form VIII pupils are made Prefects and for some there are additional roles of Head Boy, Head Girl, Captains of the four Clubs (or Houses), Head Boarder, Head Chorister. The skills that they have learnt over the years, together with support from their teachers help Form VIII pupils to rise to this challenge and succeed.