Prep School

Prep School

Children relish moving up from Pre-Prep to the Prep School; from the excitement of learning how to tie their new ties to the great debate about which of the four house clubs they will join –Boardman, Carder, Chappell and Sprawson. There are many Club competitions during the year, from club poetry to club hockey, which are keenly fought as children earn points for their club.

Starting Beachborough Prep

Many new children join Beachborough in Form III from other schools and are made to feel welcome through our structured “buddy” system, where current children are partnered with them on arrival to ensure they settle in comfortably. Beachborough treats pastoral care and comfort in the school as a priority throughout each child’s time here, which is why we have so many students, leaders, and representatives available to provide support and guidance to younger or newer pupils.

Starting at the Prep

Forms III & IV (aged 7- 9) are a gentle introduction into the Prep school and the children are still taught in the Boardman building with a class teacher. They regularly use the well-equipped ICT Suites and Music department in the Manor House as well as the Performing Arts Theatre, sports hall and extensive sports facilities.

In Forms V to VIII (age 10 to 13), the children are fully based in the Manor House and move around the school for all their lessons, which are taught by specialist teachers in each subject.  Each child has a Tutor who will be responsible for a small group of approximately eight. Tutors provide a vital extra dimension to the pastoral support and development of a child, and a point of communication for parents.

Nurturing Independence

In Forms VII and VIII the Tutor continues to provide support for the individual pupil. There is a less rigorous regime as 12 and 13 year olds like to start to take more control of their lives and Beachborough believes that they should learn through experiences, even within our gentle environment.

Form VIII enjoy the privileges of being top of the school. These include their own day room, prefect ties and sought after responsibilities such as head boy and girl, captains of the clubs and prefects. They take these responsibilities seriously and pride themselves on setting a good example and providing care for younger pupils throughout the Prep School – this sense of community is why so many children are happy at Beachborough School.