Pre-Prep Sport


In Pre-Prep 1 and 2, children engage in a variety of sports lessons; Games and Athletics lessons with the Prep School games staff, Gymnastics (with specialist teachers from Wade Gym) and Swimming lessons at the local pool with qualified swimming instructors.


Children are encouraged to engage in various activities to develop co-ordination, control, body awareness, ways of sending, receiving and travelling with a ball or similar equipment as well as developing simple tactical elements of playing games including running, dodging, chasing, use of space and awareness of others.

  • To develop an awareness of health and the importance of caring for their bodies.
  • Begin to sequence basic actions and facilitate working co-operatively within small teams.
  • Promote sending, receiving and decision making skills through ‘striking and fielding’ activities.
  • Build on a natural enthusiasm for movement; recognising how their bodies respond to exercise through ‘athletic’ activities.
  • During the summer term this culminates in the fun summer sports day.



To begin to perform basic skills in travelling, being still and finding space on the floor and using apparatus. To begin to develop their range of skills and actions to include balancing, taking off and landing, turning and rolling.



Based on water confidence and exposure to swimming activities the children will be divided into groups. From beginning to learn to move and float in water (using swimming aids and support where necessary) to developing techniques in all the strokes.