Pre-Prep Pastoral Care

Pre-Prep Pastoral 3

Pastoral care lies at the heart of Beachborough and is woven into everything we do. Our joyful atmosphere conceals a well-structured system that touches all areas of school life.

Your child spends many formative years of their life at Beachborough and here, attitudes towards trust, confidence and leadership are shaped.  Children are taught, from an early age, how to become an essential part of the community whilst not losing their individuality; how to blend communal spirit with personal best.

Of equal importance is what they learn from each other and by reflecting upon their own conduct. Friends are an important part of a life at Beachborough and we do all we can to encourage this process: a friendship bench teaches children to take responsibility for their own feelings and to look out for others.

This blend is epitomized within the Pre-Prep club system where we acknowledge, each time, a child who gives of their best. The children joyously accrue points for their team – Lions, Tigers, Panthers or Jaguars. The winning club is announced in the weekly assemblies and the overall winning team rewarded at the end of each term. This encourages our younger pupils to celebrate hard work, regardless of ability, and gently aligns their attitudes to the values of the school; always do your best, whatever the challenge.