Pre-Prep Arts

Pre-prep drama

Giving children room to grow is central to the way we approach music and the creative arts.


We aim to help children to understand and enjoy art. Art lessons will be both non-topic and topic related. Work will include the exploration and development of ideas and children will be encouraged to evaluate and develop their work. Areas of study will include:-

  • Sketching and drawing
  • Experimentation with pattern and texture
  • Colour mixing
  • Mixed media
  • 3-D work (papier-mâché, mod-rock, junk modelling)
  • Real works of Art (The life and works of particular artists)


Design and Technology

Children will experience using many different materials and tasks will be integrated into projects that relate to other areas of the curriculum.



The Music syllabus for Pre-Prep 1 and 2 gives pupils opportunities to develop skills in singing, percussion playing and listening and appraising. The children will sing a range of songs, including rounds which they will sing in two parts. Many of their songs will be linked to work in other subjects. The children will accompany the singing on percussion instruments both tuned and untuned. They will learn to play simple ostinato on chime bars and will play musical games on tuned percussion to develop their sense of pitch. Pupils will listen to a variety of recorded music both vocal and instrumental. They will be encouraged to discuss what they have heard using appropriate musical vocabulary. They will learn to identify some common instruments by their sounds, and recognise that sounds are used in music to create particular effects. The children will compose in response to a range of stimuli and be encouraged to record their compositions on a picture score.



In Pre-Prep 1 and 2 the children have a weekly Drama lessons with a drama specialist. The aim of these lessons is to encourage children’s confidence when performing.  The children work specifically on projection of their voice and their ability to use their bodies to express themselves clearly. This work supports their English curriculum.

Each year Pre-Prep 1 and 2 take part in the Christmas Nativity, with Pre-Prep 2 taking the lead roles and several assemblies for parents to enjoy.