Pre-Prep Academic

Pre-prep curriculum2

In the Pre-Prep our experienced team shapes an appropriate 21st century curriculum which is broad, balanced and creative.  This is adapted to suit children’s needs and interests, to ensure they move on as confident, well prepared and highly motivated learners. Our teachers create a vibrant, stimulating environment: promoting deep, dynamic learning and enabling children to grow in confidence and, most importantly, encouraging children to love learning. We believe our children should learn from and be inspired by staff who are passionate about learning.  We not only challenge and inspire our children, but equip them for the future, whatever it may hold.

Children of this age are very energetic and responsive and so we aim to achieve a good balance between active participation and written work. Sounds, Maths and Science in particular are taught using resources which require the children’s physical involvement. These activities are then extended with written work.

Pre-Prep 1 and 2  follow the National Curriculum Key Stage One. Though play is still an important part of a child’s development, the school day begins to follow a structured timetable with Maths, English, Science and Art becoming separate subjects. Music, French and Games are taught by the Prep School staff allowing the children two years to become familiar with these teachers before moving on to the Prep Department.


Our caring, committed staff team operate an “open door” policy for parents and communication is constant to ensure that children are happy, confident and achieving.

Assessment occurs throughout the year, with records being kept in the Pupil Profiles. Full reports for parents are written twice a year, at the end of the Autumn and Summer Terms. Parents evenings are held each term to discuss your child’s progress, although parents are welcome to arrange a separate meeting at any point during the term to discuss any concerns in more detail.