Sports Equipment

rugby boots

Football and Rugby Boots

Boots with moulded plastic studs or blades are both acceptable as footwear for rugby as long as they comply with the RFU regulations. There is not currently a kite mark for rugby boots; manufacturers self certify their studs or blades against regulation 12 to check that they cause no more damage than traditional studs. Please note that in the event of studs becoming dangerous with sharp, jagged edges then these will need to be replaced in order for boys to be allowed to continue playing rugby. We do stock replacement metal studs at school and these can be bought using a pupil’s pocket money account.

Mouth guards

All children playing hockey, rugby and lacrosse (sports which have a high level of physical contact) MUST wear a mouth guard. The British Dental Association advises that custom made mouthguards provide better protection and are less likely to become dislodged or inhaled.

There are three basic types of mouth guard:
(1) The “boil and bite” self-moulding mouth guards: these offer some protection from side collision to the jaw and better protection from collision to the front teeth. It is easily moulded, if somewhat uncomfortable, but also easily loses its shape and so can become uncomfortable to wear and can be easily dislodged.
(2) The “shock doctor” mouth guards: these are easily fitted, can be re-moulded and offer a high level of protection. They claim to fit well and also not restrict breathing.
(3) The dentist fitted mouth guards: these offer good protection from a side collision to the jaw and less from a collision to the front teeth. They fit better than the “boil and bite”, but can easily wear out if chewed. They need to be replaced regularly as children grow.
NB: We have an arrangement with OPRO whereby representatives of the company come into school and arrange for the fitting of this particular type of mouth guard. Appointments will continue to be made each year but you may wish to visit your own dentist. Because there is such a wide range of types, Beachborough does not recommend one particular type of mouth guard. Parents should make their own choice and purchase accordingly.

Shin Pads

Shin pads are required for hockey, soccer, lacrosse and rugby. It is important that shin pads are kept permanently in school.

Head guards

For cricket, boys must wear a helmet to bat or keep wicket. The school has a supply, though regular team members may wish to purchase their own. Pupils wishing to wear such protection MUST ENSURE that they are manufactured with the IRB logo .
All items must be clearly marked