Beachborough school lunch

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The School provides nourishing, appetising food that is appropriate for growing children. We are very proud of our catering team, who have received awards for the high standard of food we provide.

Lunch is the more formal meal of the day, where children are encouraged to improve their social skills with well-mannered eating and enjoyable conversation with their peers and the staff members on their table. Tea is more informal where children are able to sit with their best friends and enjoy a relaxed chat at the end of the school day.

Evening tea is included in the fees and even children who have not planned to stay are always welcome to have tea if you are unexpectedly held up collecting your child.

The emphasis is on healthy eating, variety and the use of fresh, seasonal products, but also providing dishes that children will enjoy eating. Menus include traditional British dishes such as roast beef and Shepherd’s pie but also include more international cuisine such as sweet and sour pork or chicken Fajitas with salad.We always offer a vegetarian option.

Desserts can vary from cherry & almond slice through to our famous ‘bird seed’ pudding and there is always fresh fruit and yoghurts available at every meal.

Boarding pupils have various options for breakfast. Cereals, toast, fresh fruit and yoghurt are always available. We also provide a hot breakfast option.

We are extremely careful with the meals we provide for some children who may suffer from allergies or need gluten free options. It is essential that parents indicate clearly on the medical form that comes with the joining information if there are any allergies of which the catering team should be aware.