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Christian Pritchard, writes the weekly Headmaster's blog post. 

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Headmaster's Blog | 18th January 2019

The traditional saying goes that ‘two wrongs don’t make a right’, so what do ‘two rights from different points of view make’? Often the answer is, an argument! 

In assembly this week I have been talking to the children about their ability to see a problem or situation through another person’s eyes. In short, can we understand a situation from another person’s perspective?

This is a really valuable skill for our children to learn as often, depending on your point of view, or understanding of a situation, there can be more than one right answer. In a world where quick decisions are often expected, the opportunity to listen to and to reflect on what another person is saying is really important. One example I shared with the children is how our referees at fixtures communicate with each other. We often have two referees, one from each school, to provide feedback on the game from two very different viewpoints and perspectives. The referees then agree an action or decision together, which can sometimes be very different from the view from the side line!

This is just one example of our children learning the life skills of listening, review, reflection, analysis and informed understanding at Beachborough!

Wishing you all an enjoyable weekend.

Christian Pritchard

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