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We hosted the annual Beachborough triathlon at Stowe School on Sunday 18th June, this time with the added twist of 4x mixed relays (which will be an Olympic event in Tokyo in 2020!). We also added a youth section (15-16 year olds) which attracted some of the most talented youngsters in the country to the event.

As I said in the race briefing, every child that competed was a winner and to see so many happy faces at the finish line was amazing. Each child went away with a bespoke medal and goodie bag filled with triathlon bits and bobs. This year we had prizes to 10th place so as to not single out the top three each time.

The relays were a huge success and hotly contested. They will be a regular fixture from now on. Triathlon is individual sport but with the addition of the relays, it becomes a team effort and brings children together to race.

Beachborough is a small affiliated triathlon club consisting of 35 members. Competing against some huge clubs with over 300 athletes, it was amazing to have so many of our children in the top 10. To win a class outright is a huge achievement when you consider the best children in the South Central area were racing. It shows the quality of athlete that is being coached at Beachborough and the quality of coaching that they are receiving. Both
athletes and coaches are a huge credit to Beachborough.

Beachborough Triathlon 2017

A summary of the results is given below:

Tristart (8 years old)

  • Boys
    • 1st Jessie M
  • Girls
    • 10th Freia K

T1 (9-10 years old)

  • Boys
    • 1st Charlie T
    • 3rd Samuel D
    • 8th Ralph L
  • Girls
    • 3rd Hannah C
    • 8th Charlotte H

T2 (11-12 years old)

  • Boys
    • 1st Henry P
  • Girls
    • 6th Larissa C
    • 10th Emily S

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