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Thank you to all the volunteers, competitors and parents who helped to make the Beachborough Duathlon such an amazing event last Sunday. The rain stayed away and the sun shone as 200 children enjoyed racing in Beachborough’s beautiful grounds. Congratulations to all the competitors who completed the run, bike, run course; from the little ones taking part in their first duathlon, to the serious athletes who joined us as part of the South Central series – well done all. Every athlete was awarded a bespoke medal, cool beanie hat (look out for one!) and goodie bag.

A perseverance and resilience award goes to Liberty H who completed the whole course carrying a painful injury and was lead home by our two brilliant captains Pippa L and Izzy B. It was a magical moment seeing the older athletes supporting a younger child. Congratulations to all three children who showed the true Beachborough spirit helping each other to complete the race. Well done to everyone – superb results! (see next page)

We look forward to seeing you all at our next event on the 18th June, the Beachborough Triathlon and 4 x Mixed Relays at Stowe School – there are only a few spaces left so please enter now before it’s too late.

Beachborough Duathlon 2017

Duathlon Beachborough Results

Tristar (8 year olds)

  • Boys
    • 1st Jessie M
    • 8th Charles R
    • 10th Noah H

Tri star 1 (9-10 year olds )

  • Boys
    • 1st Charlie T
    • 2nd Samuel D
    • 3rd Ralph L
    • 5th Archer G
    • 9th Freddie T
    • 14th William B
    • 20th Samuel J
    • 25th Freddie W
    • 27th Harrison N
  • Girls
    • 2nd Hannah C
    • 4th Tamsin H
    • 5th Charlotte H
    • 10th Kitty H

Tristar 2 (11-12 year olds)

  • Boys
    • 2nd Henry P
    • 4th Harry R
    • 15th Toby B
    • 17th Barney T
    • 21st Ben S
  • Girls
    • 2nd Larissa C
    • 6th Emily S
    • 13th Bella A
    • 16th Ciara L
    • 19th Molly B
    • 20th Charlotte W
    • 21st Thea M
    • 22nd Liberty H

Tristar 3 (13-14 year olds)

  • Boys
    • 24th Ben G
  • Girls
    • 5th Pippa L
    • 8th Isobel B

Report by Hester Pollock  | Triathlon Coach

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