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Form IV Trip to Think Tank

Form IV Trips

Last week Form IV were very excited about their trip to the Think Tank in Birmingham.

As part of our Science curriculum we study Electricity, and so we took the opportunity to go to an Electricity workshop at the museum. We looked at static electricity and made several of the children’s hair stand up on end! The man leading the talk managed to light up a fluorescent tube by placing the end of the tube on a glow ball. It was very interesting. We considered the potential dangers of Electricity and learnt that Electricity will always find the shortest route to earth.

Whilst at the Think Tank we had a very hands on work shop called ‘Destination Space’. There were several different activities to complete which related to Tim Peake and his visit in space. We had to find the most absorbent material for a ‘space nappie’! The children had the opportunity to work with robotic technology and completed a quiz to find out what role they could take on a space mission.

There were many other exhibitions in the Think Tank that we explored in our free time. Some of the children were particularly fascinated with the big water powered engine which tipped its’ bucket every 8 minutes and splashed those nearby!

We were very fortunate that the weather was kind to us and we had time to explore the Science Garden. There were pushes and pulleys, bridges to build, a human hamster wheel and a canal lock system to work. A very enjoyable day out was had by all.

Report by Paula Green

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