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Beachborough win the Robotics Challenge


On Friday 3rd March the #BeachBotics club travelled to Coventry for the regional

competition of the Tomorrow’s Engineers EEP Robotics Challenge. With a packed day of challenges ahead the programming section of the club were first up with the Eve 3 robots to complete 7 space missions. With only a few re-runs the team completed all of the
challenges with maximum points, a fantastic start to the competition.

The programmers were then interviewed by a panel of judges about their software and hardware design and coped really well under some rather ferocious questioning! The whole team then had to
complete a ‘teamwork’ challenge. We had not be able to prepare for this stage of the competition but were delighted when the challenge of designing and making a Lego castle was posed to the team.

The team were soon separating blocks into their colours and size and the finished product was a rather impressive multi coloured castle complete with draw bridge! The ‘project’ section of the team then had to present the topic on ‘How Humans Can survive in Space?’. Taking in their own prototype Lego Pyramid (much to the envy of other teams) the group spoke with confidence about the new habitat they would be creating on an alternative planet.

Again the team faced some probing and at times positively aggressive questioning but were articulate and knowledgeable with their replies. Finally the programmers had another go at the space missions and after receiving maximum points last time we didn’t know how else they could improve. With some
reprograming that had taken place in the break the team completed all the missions in under three minutes not only gaining maximum points but being awarded 5 bonus points for the time! In the end the team were placed an impressive 4th in the competition and came 1st in the Robotics Challenge.

We are all incredibly proud of what they have done. The assembly they gave in front of pupils, staff, their parents and school governors was something the whole school has been talking about and has had a real knock-on effect with interest in robotics and engineering ready for the launch of TED in September. On the competition day the children’s professionalism and ability was commented on by all the judges and the children’s commitment to this club has been substantial.

We would also like to thank Mr Brigden our new STEM ambassador who has come in and helped us every Friday evening and on the competition day. His knowledge of engineering has inspired us all and also shown us that not all Engineers are grumpy!!!

Report by Susi Blithe

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