Mindset Presentation

This week’s Mindset presentation was extremely well attended by Beachborough parents.  Karen Key, mother of Freia and Joshua presented a clear and concise account of why Mindset is so important to all of us.  It was particularly interesting to hear her account of a personal event in her life that led Karen to want to investigate how Mindset affects us all. I then went on to explain how Beachborough intends to develop a growth Mindset culture within school.  If you would like to see the presentation then please do  look at the clips below.  We also have a Parents’ handout that will help you understand how you can approach Mindset discussions at home in the right way.  If you are interested to find out your own Mindset score, please do use the questionnaire, being as honest as you can and use the scoring sheet to find out your Mindset score.


Karen Key Presentation Part 1

Karen Key Presentation Part 2


Sophie Banks Presentation