Goblin Race

On Sunday 10th July, Beachborough’s Mighty Goblin Race Team competed at Goodwood against over 90 other cars! The children had to complete 6 slalom races, 6 straight races, a team relay, a pit stop challenge and a final champions race, around the full race track to finish. We knew our car would not be the fastest, as having only started this project at Easter we hadn’t had time to develop the car, where as many of the other teams had clearly been competing in this race for several years. However saying this we had some superb races, with numerous wins and all the children had a fantastic time racing the car for the first time. And we definitely, by far, had the best looking car and team spirit! The team are now  looking forward to developing the car technically throughout this year and refining their racing skills for next year’s event. 

If you find F1 races boring, please view Angus’ exciting lap of champions’ video below; thanks to Kevin Bursnall’s  Racelogic on board camera, you can follow the action and Angus’ brilliant drive from his perspective. See how many people he overtook, including a spectacular maneuver at the end of the race!