Reception Arts


Giving children room to grow is central to the way we approach music and the creative arts.


The majority of Reception’s art activities are topic linked and aim to develop and improve fine motor, and imaginative skills. Emphasis is placed on the exploration of different media including paint, crayons, collage, junk material and paper, as well as different textures. Self-expression and experimentation are encouraged throughout. Our art lessons involve a focused supported project, as well as free art activities and patterning opportunities.


The syllabus for Reception gives children opportunities to develop skills in singing, percussion playing, dance and performing. They will learn to sing a variety of songs, including nursery rhymes, action and counting songs and some linked to their class topics. They will be encouraged to sing in a tuneful and rhythmic manner. Children will be given the opportunity to develop their musicality through playing games and learning to play many of the common percussion instruments. They will be encouraged to talk about what they have heard using the appropriate musical vocabulary.


Each year reception children enjoy taking part in a Christmas production and several smaller assemblies for parents to come and watch.