Charity Work

charity Greenfingers

The Beachborough community aims to broaden the children’s experiences and raise awareness of those less fortunate than themselves through charitable fundraising. The Charity Committee organises a variety of fun whole activities and events throughout the year that provide the opportunity for all members of the community to become involved in supporting this year’s chosen charity.

Fundraising at Beachborough is always memorable: we set ourselves challenges, we support each other, we inspire each other and we always have fun. We have enjoyed a special fundraising year this year as we have raised money for our very own ‘Wetlands Community Project’ as well as continuing to support our other charities. This year we have managed to raise over £10,500; giving £2585 to Nthola Primary School, £600 to the Children In Need appeal, £2508 to a local hospice, Katharine House, £400 to Brain Tumour Research and £4414 to the Wetlands Community Project.

Beachborough School has a special link with Nthola Primary School, Northern Malawi. Two years ago, we raised enough money to build a kitchen and feed a school with 703 pupils for a year. We were thrilled to receive a report thanking us for all we had done to help their community. We were able to see the photographs of the pupils receiving their daily mug of porridge and the sign above the kitchen with our name and school motto. Unfortunately, the food crisis in Africa and lack of funds doesn’t magically disappear and each year we will continue to support this special school.

Over the past few years the Beachborough Community has supported the following charities:

  • 2015 Greenfingers ( £12,000)
  • 2014 Mary’s Meals (£15,000)
  • 2013 Independent Age (£6500)
  • 2012  Horizon Sports Club (£4500)
  • 2010 – 2011 Brain Tumour Research (£11,500)
  • 2009  Children’s Hospital Oxford (£18,000)
  • 2008  Buckinghamshire Young Carers (£6,200)
  • 2007  Riding for the Disabled (£5,500)
  • 2006  Katharine House Hospice (£5,500)

The school also contributes towards smaller charitable appeals such as sending a Christmas gift of 1000 pairs of pants for Cambodian school children. In 2010 and 2011, our Charity was Brain Tumour Research and each year we will continue to don our hats for Brain Tumour Research.

A big thank you to everyone for all their amazing fundraising efforts.

The Charity Committee 

Verity Sanders and Sally Gross