Aims & Ethos

Aims Ethos

Our Mission

Our mission at Beachborough is to create the conditions and culture so that each child thrives intellectually, physically, culturally and emotionally. The priority will be the happiness of each child as it is paramount to achieving lasting success and being fully prepared for senior school.

Our Values

  • We believe in a creative, innovative curriculum that is exciting, rigorous and academic.
  • We take account of different learning styles when planning and we value a balance between the acquisition of knowledge and effective use of language, communication and presentation.
  • To ensure equal opportunity, differentiation occurs throughout the curriculum and Beachborough’s Able Children Programme offers enrichment opportunity for gifted and talented pupils.
  • We believe in the importance of family and we want Beachborough to have a family feel with a culture of kindness. Furthermore we want to nurture a strong partnership with parents and together we will watch pupils thrive.
  • We want our pupils to recognise and value the importance of our unique Code of Conduct, seeing it as a template for a Christian life, that will serve them (and pupils from other faiths) now and into their future.
  • All pupils are encouraged to value, enjoy and develop their skills in the creative and performing arts.
  • All pupils are encouraged to enjoy physical exercise, competition and sportsmanship which will develop appropriate sporting skills for a healthy life.
  • All pupils are encouraged to participate widely, have no fear of making mistakes and look to step out of their comfort zone.
  • We believe that our pupils should be caring members of society; as such we encourage pupils to help others who are less fortunate than themselves and to contribute to caring for the environment.
  • We believe that as a day school with flexible boarding provision the experience of one night, one week or longer can develop a wide range of transferable skills which will enable pupils to develop their individuality.
  • We believe in the unique character of Beachborough.