Bloxham Scholars

Bloxham Scholarships

This week we have further children to congratulate for receiving awards, this time to Bloxham. Matilda G and Ben K have both received Academic Scholarships and Tom A has been awarded a Science Exhibition.

Every week I have talked about the amount of effort that goes into attempting a scholarship and Matilda, Ben and Tom have all been working very hard since entering the Scholarship Sets. As the months have gone on their marks have been improving and once again resilience and perseverance have been key factors in receiving the awards. An honorary mention must also go to Jonny W who only just missed out of an award but will be continuing in the scholarship set as he performed well enough for Bloxham to offer him an unconditional place. Jonny has worked equally as hard and now can enjoy the post scholarship programme without having to sit exams in June or taking part in this week’s mock exams.