Music Scholarship to Stowe for Sophia

Congratulations to Sophia S who joins our ever increasing list of scholars for 2017. Sophia has been awarded a music scholarship to Stowe and I asked her parents how she achieved her award.

“Sophia has always had an interest in music and, from an early age, became interested in taking up the recorder, following the group lessons that began back in her Pre-Prep days. She has been learning the piano for three years and, this Autumn Term, began the oboe. Sophia takes her music very seriously and has performed in many concerts throughout her time at Beachborough, achieving Grade VIII standard recorder, Grade 3 piano and Grade 2 oboe.  She has really pushed herself over the last couple of years, becoming Head of the Orchestra; and is very busy finding time for instrumental groups, orchestra, duo rehearsals, choirs, concerts and theory lessons. She was determined to “have a go” at the Stowe Music Scholarship and went with the attitude that she just wanted to demonstrate her love of music – not thinking she would come away with an award. Through hours of practice, support from our wonderful music department and sheer determination, she performed well and was delighted by her result. We are all so very proud of her and hope that she continues with the same enthusiasm and success for years to come.”

We share in the pride of Sophia’s parents and hope that her story inspires others at Beachborough to have the perseverance and resilience to work hard and then “have a go”.
Report by Dan Gross