27Jan2017 - 3

The Final of the Governors’ Reading Cup

On Monday evening, the four finalists in the Governors’ Reading Cup were presented with a previously unseen text: an extract from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, by J K Rowling.

Isabella P, Harriet P, Holly B and Oliver T worked hard in separate rooms, with only 15 minutes to prepare and practice for their public reading. They then each read aloud to a panel of judges, consisting of three governors, Miss Gavriel and Benedict (last year’s winner). All of the children read with fluency, clarity and expression, bringing to life the characters of Hagrid, Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall. Scoring was extremely difficult, as all of the children had entertained and impressed the judges. After much deliberation, the children returned together to receive feedback and the
much-awaited results.

Congratulations to Oliver for coming out on top and a very well done to Isabella (2nd place) and to Harriet and Holly (joint 3rd). A special thanks must go to our judges – Sue Barrett, Liz Coley, Liz Hill and Benedict – for giving up their evening to be part of this special event.

Report by Joanna Gavriel