Stowe Rock, Pop and Music Tech Day

Following the success of Oakham’s “Shakespeare In Sound” Music Day last week we were delighted to venture off again, this time to Stowe for a very different type of  Music Day.

Within the walls of Stowe’s impressive Chung Music School, children from Form VI-VIII formed a number of bands with children from two other prep schools for a ‘Rock, Pop and Music Tech Day’. To start off, the children had to choose from a selection of songs or suggest ones that they knew. Once the songs were chosen, the children got to grips with the basic chords and worked on playing in time together whilst the vocalists learnt the melody line. The children had to harness a collaborative mindset for the whole day and they all gave input into the bands.

After initial rehearsals and a delicious Stowe lunch, the children had the opportunity to take to the stage to perform a solo. This can be a nerve racking experience and we were pleased to see so many of our Beachburians “having a go” as it was optional to take part. The children performed to the best of their abilities and I was pleased with their confident attitude.

After a couple more rehearsals in which they developed and rearranged their songs, the
children were given the opportunity to record them in Stowe’s sophisticated recording studio using ProTools, an advanced Digital Audio Workstation. This was the highlight of the day and the children were both fascinated and enlightened by this experience. We are really looking forward to listening to the recordings
of our songs.

The day culminated with a concert for parents and friends and the children returned to school having had an enriching day.

My thanks to Miles Nottage and Ben Andrew for organising the first Rock, Pop and Music Tech day at Stowe.

Report by Judith Dunkley