Learning Zone Buddies

Following the successful introduction of Learning Zone Buddies last year, the programme has been opened up to even more pupils.

The existing buddy pairings have been expanded to create Buddy Teams of 3-4 children, spanning Forms III-VIII. These groups will be long-standing, with children staying within the same buddy group throughout their time in the prep-school. Younger members of each team will benefit from the friendship and mentoring of older pupils, whilst the older pupils will have the opportunity to explore and demonstrate empathy and leadership qualities.

Last Friday, the Learning Zone Buddies held their first get-together of the year. Whilst sharing a picnic-lunch in their Buddy Teams, the children were able to put faces to names and get to know their team-mates a little better. Following the picnic, the Form VIII buddies set-up a game of long-ball and the Form VII boys organised a mini football-match.
Thank-you to the kitchen staff for providing a lovely lunch and to the LSAs who gave up their lunch-break make the event possible.

Report by Joanna Gavriel