Pre–Prep 1 Trip to Warwick Castle

This week Pre – Prep 1 ventured out on an exciting trip to Warwick Castle. We arrived and walked through the portcullis into the wide open space of the walled Bailey. Moving through the ancient walls, we settled down on the bank of the river to eat our packed lunch, opposite the Mighty Trebuchet. This enthralled us all as it launched the ammunition at 150 mph across the fields. After lunch we found our spot by the arena to watch the delights of the falconry display which included an American Bald Eagle called Archie and Bruce the Buzzard. The birds swooped silently and very low over our heads into the arena for a spectacular show. As well as this we had some wonderful insights into Medieval life and castle features, from our trip historian Mr. Sanders. We all walked up the Motte and Bailey, which was the oldest part of the castle and the children were amazed how far they could see from this advantage point. Finally, we watched a brilliant archery demonstration from the Medieval Bowman who showed us how he aimed his bow. To make sure the arrow flew true he had to have a rock steady left arm and with everyone shouting ‘Knock, draw, loose’ he repeatedly fired the arrows at the target the other side of the moat!
Report by Sue Gilder