Form III & IV PGL Adventure

Last week Forms III and IV set off for the annual trip to PGL. With an air of excitement and trepidation we arrived at the centre to start on our adventure. Activities began immediately and the children were challenged to abseil, rock climb and work their way up Jacob’s Ladder. Skills such as map reading when orienteering and collaboration on the sensory trail showed how well the teams worked together. The giant swing was a huge success and children launched themselves, using a release rope, from a point 20 feet up in the air. Even the staff were able to have a go and the loudest screams definitely came from the older members of the group! Aeroball is a yearly favourite and didn’t disappoint us this year. The children really enjoyed marching around the site singing PGL songs as they went. Sleep was hard to come by on the first night but the second day of endless activity ensured at everyone slept well on the second night! A huge thank you to all of the staff that travelled with PGL, their patience and caring approach ensured everyone had a great time. Please see Beachborough’s Facebook page for lots more photos.

Report by Sophie Banks