CyberSTEM Girls’ Day Bletchley Park

On Wednesday Beachborough travelled to the National Museum of Computing. We had two different lectures by Debbie Saffer Head of Information Security Risk at the Royal Mail and Cristiana Pace a motorsport engineer. Both were inspirational women who were leading lights in their field of technology.

In the afternoon we enjoyed several different activities which included AirKiX indoor skydiving’s the ‘Physics of Flight’ workshop where we created the ‘Beachborough Buggy’ and raced it using a hair dryer! Which was placed in 2nd overall! Next we did a ‘Tech Camp Workshop’ exploring the world of invisible light, where we built our very own ultraviolet torch! Later we did the ‘Tunny and WITCH Tour’ and saw the one and only COLLOSAS and WITCH, which is the oldest working computer in the world!!! Lastly we were put under pressure as the royal mail had been hacked! (Not really , we were just pretending) everyone was sorted into groups and Beachborough was put into the Head of Communications role where we has to release 140 character tweet to reassure the customers that everything had been under control.

It was a fantastic experience; thank you very much Mrs Plummer for taking us to this amazing place and meeting such inspirational women!

Report by Amelia M and Harriet E – Form VII