Champion side saddle rider visits Beachborough

Jane Harper came into school on Tuesday evening with Stanley her 17 hand thoroughbred horse. Jane is a champion side saddle rider and has ridden in front of the Queen.

She galloped around the field, showing the children what she had to do in a competition. The children marvelled at the fine riding outfits and enjoyed trying out one of her saddles. Jane talked about the history of side saddle riding for gentlemen and especially the ladies who would put on their fine costumes and ride down Rotten Row in London to attract a husband.

The saddle on which Jane was riding, was 90 years old and when she bought the saddle, she found a love letter hidden inside the lining.

Today, Jane is part of a growing revival of side saddle riding and continues to enter and win most of the competitions on twenty year old Stanley. A huge thank you to Jane for a fascinating lecture and to Stanley for behaving so well.

Report by Verity Sanders