Beachborough school Newsletter 20 May 201610

Pick the Plec – A Guitar Book for Everyone

This week in the Music Dept we are celebrating the release of Mr Nick McNulty’s new book Play today with Pick the Plec, published by Kevin Mayhew. Pick the Plec is designed to be a guitar book for everyone, regardless of any previous musical experience and is accessible for all.

Nick McNulty has been a Peripatetic Guitar Tutor since 2004 and is currently tutoring at Stowe School and Hazeley Academy, both in Buckinghamshire. He has been a guitar tutor here since March 2015 and has accumulated a large number of pupils since his arrival. Nick is an inspirational teacher, as are all the peripatetic staff here, and has formed a school rock group aptly named “Beachborockers” which is a big hit with the children. If you would like to learn more please see (go to the Education tab and look for ‘guitars’ on the left hand side) and