Beachborough School News 6 May 6

Wonderful Piano Concert

On Tuesday evening we were treated to a wonderful piano concert in The Whybrow
Performing Arts Centre. We wheeled out the Grand Piano and 21 pupils played to a very
receptive audience. We listened to performances from beginners to Grade 4 or 5 standard; pieces composed by Haydn through to jazz and Adele!

The children played confidently and competently and, after a brief reminder from Mrs Dunkley, gave complete performances announcing their pieces before they played and bowing afterwards!

It is always lovely to see the progress of pupils from one year to the next and to witness their confidence growing, an asset that is so important to learn at an early age. My thanks go to Mrs Lear and Mr Davies for their support in preparing the children for the concert and indeed for preparing the children for exams that they must undertake on their musical journey.

Report by Judith Dunkley