Beachborough News 29 April 20162

Winton Cup

Last Friday a group of Form V and VI pupils spent the day at Stowe School with Mr Sanders taking part in the Winton Cup. Sir Nicholas Winton sadly passed away last summer, after serving the world greatly, evacuating hundreds of children out of Czechoslovakia before the outbreak of WWII. This is why the day is known as Humanities Day. We took part in everything from an EU referendum debate to a visit to the temple of British worthies.

My personal favourite was the EU debate. Over the day we took part in a vote with a victory for the staying in campaign. We had to work as a team to name members of the EU, which basically lead to a race between the boys and girls to get the names down first! Later we were challenged to apply utilitarianism to a scenario. There are 3 people in hospital waiting for a kidney – an alcoholic mum who has repeatedly failed her children, a doctor who is months away from curing cancer but without him the research would be delayed greatly or a woman who gives money to cancer research.

We also had an interesting talk from John Bercow and it turned out that one of his hobbies was tennis which is also one of mine. We were all delighted to find out that we finished in the top four in an incredibly close race for the Winton Cup beating a number of our rivals.

Report by Guy W – Form VI