Beachborough newsletter 4th March 20163

Forms III & IV Discovery Lecture

On Tuesday the subject for discussion was ‘The Future of Food and Edible Insects!’ A record number of children booked a place at the lecture and Richard Sheane was
eagerly welcomed into the Boardman along with an interesting bag full of ‘surprisingly novel ingredients’ for the children to discover.

Richard works with supermarkets, manufacturers and agricultural businesses to create products that are environmentally friendly and ethical. The lecture started by taking a brief look at the history of food production and the benefits and problems these huge changes have brought to society. Richard asked the children how food in the future would be affected by global challenges and climate change and the excellent answers given would set the ‘challenge’ for the exciting end to the lecture. The children marvelled at the new technologies and ideas that will change what we eat and how we produce it. The children clearly thought the kitchen of the future would be robotic!

The highlight of the lecture involved our two willing volunteers Mr Knowles and Mrs Banks who were brave enough to eat a whole (4cm long) chocolate dipped locust! Mr Knowles, after a period of recovery, said “The taste was indescribable, like nothing I have ever tasted before!” Mrs Banks however, appeared to really enjoy the experience!

A huge thank you to Richard, a fascinating and fantastic lecture.

View ‘The Discovery Lecture Future of Food and Edible Insects’ video on our website.

Reports by Verity Sanders